Reviews of The Velvet Rope

 Brian Stone reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

February 17 ·

 Tina Barlindal reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

December 4, 2017  

Love the way I can be in one part of the club and just relax and socialize and if I want to get wild and dance my ass off to a club scene all I have to do is go downstairs and I am there. Love the friendly happy atmosphere of The Velvet Rope.


Jazzmine Phase reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

March 4 · 

This place is great. The energy when you walk in is positive and encouraging. I felt so comfortable and free from the judgment of others. These are my kind is people. Be you and do you, life is too short to regret anything done, not yet done, or to explore who you are. XO VR  

Nikki Martinez reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

March 31 · 

I adore The Velvet Rope. It's a great place to volunteer and see friends, old and new.

April Bodnar reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

April 4 ·

Courtney Reese reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

April 7 ·

Brandy DuGuay reviewed The Velvet Rope4 star

June 6 at 9:37 PM · 

Great place to go! A place where you can be you, and meet wonderful like minded friends.

Jennifer Cornish reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

September 29, 2017 · 

Had so much fun! Loved it. I will def be returning. Everyone was so respectful and chilled!Thanks

Nathaniel Joseph Buelna reviewed The Velvet Rope5 star

August 6, 2017 · 

Hands down one of my favorite places to be !!!!!!!!!

Smith on News

Local Guide · 258 reviews · 99 photos

6 months ago-

5 Star *****
Great club.  Inviting play spaces.   Great staff and awesome drinks!!

Jae Olson

Local Guide · 15 reviews

4 months ago-
5 Star *****

Always a fun place

Maggie Milner

4 reviews · 1 photo

a month ago

5 Star *****
Always enjoying myself here!

Michael Smudde

Local Guide · 11 reviews

a week ago

5 Star *****

Kaspyr Sockwell
9 reviews
2 weeks ago

5 Star *****


Donna Jo Ewing

Local Guide · 7 reviews

5 Star *****
I've been putting off writing this review for weeks now, because I wanted to have enough time to REALLY put some careful thought into it...  Wanted to find just the right words to express HOW FLIPPING COOL AND AWESOME AND FUN the VELVET ROPE is.  My husband and I had NEVER done anything remotely CLOSE to this "kinda thing"., but it was on my bucket list and (as I'm sure you already know, ladies), the husband would LOVE LOVE LOVE a 3some.  Can I get an amen?  So while I wasn't OPPOSED to the idea, it wasn't on my top ten list... Not really... But I wanted for HIM to have the experience.  I figured it would be a one-time-thing.  Let me just put it this way...  Before our first time at the VELVET ROPE was even over, I was already saying things to my husband that began with, "... Next time ....  " as in next time we cum here. (Sorry for the pun.).  


Duke Darkseid

8 months ago-

5 Star *****
Lots of hot girls on Saturday nights and the holiday parties are fun.


John Coté II
Local Guide · 20 reviews
11 months ago

5 Star *****
This place is full of wonderful people from all walks of life. Safe and welcoming. I never feel judged or self-conscious.

 Wendell Bolen 6 reviews · 19 photos

3 months ago-Great environment, awesome people amazing hot tubs, if you want to go somewhere to just get away and relax and be yourself without judgement. Then this is the place!


Scott Morris
9 reviews
5 Star *****
Kink night! The music, the happy slappy sounds of fellow kinksters getting their kink on! Love the remodel & new light in the lounge! Had an amazing time as always! I've been away for more than two years! It was like coming home! Only better!!! :)

C S.

Vancouver, WA 

73 reviews


Love this place!!! Excellent layout. Fun crowd.   Always a fun time when me and the wifey head down.   Looking forward to the next visit.   The staff is amazing too!! A++++

Shawn B.

Portland, OR

17 reviews 

5/15/2016 This place was amazing. My girl and I went for our first time tonight. She felt so safe and welcomed. The staff was amazing. The people were fun. We will definitely be going back on Saturday's.

Rock P.

Newberg, OR

22 friends

15 reviews

14 check-ins

We love coming here the staff very friendly and there is never any pressure members are very laid back and down to earth,after all we are all there for the same reason me and lady friend have such fun we wish it was open more days in the week.

Jason H.

Ridgefield, WA

Relaxed no pressure environment. The laundry situation could use some work. Nice to see average normal people. Had a hot time.

Amanda H.

Portland, OR

19 friends

10 reviews


I love this place. The owners are really friendly, go find them and get introduced if you don't meet them right away. There isn't creepers waiting around every corner.. I've only seen one on rare occasion and they are swiftly taken care of. The events I've gone to have a buffet that is refilled throughout the evening. There is a bar and pool tables as well as showers and multiple hot tubs and bathrooms. Lots of amenities. This place is also very Trans Friendly. If you are trans, they have a special night once a month, but you're also welcome any other time at the rate of the gender you identify with. I definitely recommend this place over that other one downtown because it's a friendlier, more low key attitude/environment. They put me at ease and I'm comfortable. There is also Kink nights that are a lot of fun if you're into that!

Nikki K.

Gresham, OR


My husband and I love the club all the great people there really make for a great atmosphere and lots of fun. We have a blast with all the theme nights I mean they have everything from dinner and a movie night to drag shows but we love going to the kink and rope events most of all. If you haven't been you need to check it out. If anything look for what events they have and find one you think you will like you won't regret it.