Dress Code:
TVR is the place to meet people, and that means making a great first impression!  
To make this easier we have provided some general guidelines for putting your best foot forward and connecting with other like-minded members of our community.

Acceptable Gentlemen Attire:
Collared shirts, button-ups, polos, solid colored t-shirts without logos or graphics
Dress pants, casual khakis, designer jeans without holes or visible wear
Dress shoes, solid colored clean athletic shoes, clean collectible high-end sneakers (not gym shoes)
Good overall grooming

Men inside the club must remain covered when not engaged in play or using one of the hot tubs. This means single males should not be walking around the club out in the open nude.
Dressing in theme is always appreciated and in some cases required. This would include theme nights like Fempire and formal events.

Unacceptable Gentlemen Attire:
Logo t-shirts, sweatshirts or tank tops
Shorts of any type
Sweatpants or athletic type pants
Flip flops, gym shoes

Acceptable Ladies Attire:
Clubwear suitable for a night on the town
Dress pants, jeans without visible wear or skirts
Tops that include club wear, camisoles and other revealing clothing
Lingerie, fetish costumes or theme wear
Shoes can include heals, flats, clean solid color tennis shoes, and boots.
Good overall grooming
Ladies are allowed to be semi-nude or fully nude even if they are not actively engaged in play within club areas including the hot tubs, couples lounge, and non-food areas.

Theme wear is always appreciated and at some events required. These types of events would include formal parties. 

Unacceptable Ladies Attire:
Logo t-shirts, sweatshirts or undershirt type tanks
Sweatpants, gym clothing or exercise gear
Flip flops or athletic shoes