Join TVR for 4 DAYS of

Mardi Gras


Who will be KING?

Mardi Gras Kick-off 2/28

The ladies of TVR will be choosing our Mardi Gras King.

The King of Mardi Gras will get a weekend pass for a couple for the entire Mardi Gras weekend. 


St. Patty’s Party!

March 17th


Join us for a Pre-Patty Party on 3/16! 

All members who pay for the Pre-Patty Party on 3/16 can return to attend the St. Patty’s Party on 3/17 for FREE!


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Find like-minded friends at TVR

The Velvet Rope is the longest running on-site social club in Portland, Oregon. Located at 3533 SE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd, the members-only club is tucked away in a quiet and unassuming location. 

10,000 square feet of play space and comfort await you at TVR. We have created an open-minded community that welcomes all. We are known for being the type of place old-friends gather to relax and new ones find all sorts of play activities to enjoy.

Create safe and sex-positive space for everyone

Enthusiastic consent and the safety of our guests is our top priority. The diversity of the events we host provide safe spaces regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age or ability. 

Building and maintaining a close community is what makes TVR great. We value all of the connections to both individuals and other small businesses we have made over the years. 

We take our customer security and confidentiality to heart as we uphold a no cell phone or recording device policy within the club. Each guest can expect respect and peace of mind as they know they are free to express themselves without the risk of being recorded. 

Community starts here

The owners and staff of The Velvet Rope look forward to sharing all that is the TVR community with new customers. Please take a moment to explore our calendar to find an event that piques your interest to start planning that first visit to TVR.