Dress Code

Dress for Success!

No Effort, No Entry.

Members and guests are asked to dress tastefully. 

Use common sense , call us if you have questions.  We are an adult social club, guests go to meet other guests.  

Dress like you give a damn.

Dressing to theme is always acceptable.

Dresses, corsets, and more provocative attire. Lingerie is lovely.  

Business casual is acceptable.


 Cis-gendered male attendees will not be allowed in the club in plain street clothes, jeans, or even a nice suit.

At the very least, wear something sexy for the ladies to show us you’re trying. We encourage you to dress to express your interest in fem dominance, even in some small way: cute underpants, fetish wear, collars, cuffs, high heels, bikini, loin cloths, fetish shoes, hoods, cross-dressed, glamour, make-up, leather, PVC, lingerie, leashes, puppy or animal costumes, sweet jammies, cute underpants, costumes, bow ties, bunny ears, etc.

** If you have nothing to wear, we will have a grab bag of items for you to put on. Be ready for us to decorate you!  

Not Acceptable:

No Flip Flops 

No T-shirts with graphics (Clean/Plain t shirts are ok) 

No Jeans with holes 

No Work clothes 

No Hoodies