Let It GLOW Party! Safely Mix & Mingle!

April 10, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Let It GLOW Party! Safely Mix & Mingle!



The Glow Party Mixer returns to TVR with a twist!

Singles, swingles, and couples are invited to join us for a night of fun! Tonight is the night to mask up and step out!

We make meeting new people safe and easy with color-coded glow bands! Everyone can select a band base on their level of interest in meeting new people. Green bands signal people are open to talk to new people safely; yellow bands are a sign they prefer to watch from a distance, and so on.

Grab a band and join the party!

Limited capacity with tickets online! This event will sell out!

Member Couples $50

Member Single Female $15

Member Single Males $50

Non-Member Couples $70

Non-Member Single Female $20

Non-Member Single Male $70

*In order to qualify for the discount, your membership must be current. Please use the online membership links to re-new.

Those with CURRENT ACTIVE memberships can buy Member Tickets.

7 thoughts on “Let It GLOW Party! Safely Mix & Mingle!”

  1. My husband and I really want to experience this for the first time. We live 140 miles away and I’m trying to plan something for March 6th. Please get back to me so I don’t miss this once in a blue moon opportunity

  2. Me and my husband are new to this, and he’s not very comfortable about going to clubs even though it’s my biggest fantasy I can’t force him into it, but I would love to know how to get to know other like-minded people. I want it to be safe I want it to be not a scam, and I want it to be real please get back to me

      1. We went ONE TIME, and it was Super cool!
        We highly recommend taking steps toward fulfilling your fantasies, and TVR is a well run establishment where that can happen well.

      2. It seems more intimidating than it is. Once you get there and there’s other folks to break the ice, by watching them playing, it really loosens them mood. No one is pushy and if they are they’ll be handled. I’ll be going with my GF, I’m Shawn. If you run into me, I’ll be glad to talk to y’all and help ease folks in. Hope to see you there!

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