Kink Night Hosted By DungeonMaster Mark

September 14, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – September 15, 2019 @ 4:00 am
The Velvet Rope
Kink Night Hosted By DungeonMaster Mark @ The Velvet Rope

KINK NIGHT at The Velvet Rope is the kinkiest, hottest party in town!

Come and check out the new upstairs play area, with more dungeon furniture for your enjoyment.

Ah yes, this party is absolutely rocking, and we are gearing up for another raging night.

We have another fabulous Performance Act lined up for this coming party ~~

Party starts at 9:00 pm

Early Bird Pricing –  Must be in by 10 pm

Members:                                Non-Members:

Single Ladies $10                   Single Ladies $15

Couples $40                           Couples $45

Singles Males $30                  Single Males $35

Membership required after 10 PM.

Member Pricing after 10 PM:

Single Ladies $20

Couples $50

Single Males $70

We will have a great list of Tasters for this party ~~

Fire Cupping with Siberian Tiger
Violet Wand with GiggleBunny
Rope Bondage & Ties with Tantrika
Florentine Flogging with Cindi
Paddles/Canes with JayT133
Flogging/Whips with Daddy’sDeadlyDoll
Small Whips/Stingy Stuff with Bent-Gent
Heavy Impact with Bear

BootBlacking with LukkiGirl

And of course, we will have all the usual Kink Night trappings ~~

Dungeon Monitors onsite discreetly to keep the kink play and dungeons safe for all.
10,000 sq.ft of Club space that has gone through extensive remodels and upgrades recently…new lighting, furnishings in all rooms and areas…it’s really looking awesome these days!
Two Full Bars now, new Pool tables, new Dining area…
Check out the exclusive Couples Area, it has been completely revamped…very cool and incredibly inviting 😉

There is a well equipped Dungeon with lots of Dungeon furniture (hand-built by Red Cheeks Toys), new lighting, thumping sound system, and you will find more dungeon furniture located around the Club.
The resident DJ Myke Jonez, will be there, spinning awesome beats for the dungeon play scenes
There are also, properly installed Hard Points in a couple of areas in the Club for Rope Suspensions.

Our resident Cook serves up Hot Entrees, accompanied by Fruit and Veg platters, dessert trays, cheese & crackers, etc ~~ All complimentary and replenished throughout the night

There are Hot Tubs and Showers with Club provided Towels
Private Rooms are available for your personal endeavors (Sheets provided and refreshed in the rooms)
Couples Area is exclusive to couples only and strictly monitored for everyone’s comfort
Group areas for less private, multi-partner fun
This party runs from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am, that’s 7 hours for you to enjoy yourself in so many ways!!!

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