Kink Night @ The Velvet Rope
May 25 @ 9:00 pm – May 26 @ 4:00 am
Kink Night @ The Velvet Rope




Doors open at 9 PM



Early Bird Pricing –  Must be in by 10 pm

Members:                                Non-Members:

Single Ladies $10                   Single Ladies $15

Couples $40                           Couples $45
Singles Males $30                  Single Males $35

Membership required after 10 PM.

Member Pricing after 10 PM:

Single Ladies $20

Couples $50

Single Males $70

KINK NIGHTS at The Velvet Rope Club are raging party’s, come along and see why!

We have another fabulous Performance Show lined up for this party. “…I think I hear Banjos…” is the name of this Act with Friction & MsFriction. This is going to be an absolutely hilarious and completely deviant scene that you most definitely want to watch. Show starts at 10:45

Party starts at 9:00pm now.

Our fabulous Tasters for this party ~

Fire Cupping with Charlie & Little M
Violet Wand/Electrical Play with TheGoodCook
Rope Ties with TopmissiveOne
Florentine Flogging with Cindi
Whips/Crops with Bent-Gent
Thuddy Impact with Bear
Whips/Paddles with JayT133
Dragon’s Tail/Canes with SodaSir

And of course, we will have all the usual Kink Night trappings ~

Party starts at 9:00 pm now.

Dungeon Monitors onsite discreetly to keep the kink play and dungeons safe for all.
10,000 sq.ft of Club space that has gone through extensive remodels and upgrades recently…new lighting, furnishings in all rooms and areas…it’s really looking awesome these days!
Two Full Bars now, new Pool tables, new Dining area…
Check out the new Couples Area, it has been completely revamped, very cool and incredibly inviting 😉

There is a well equipped Dungeon with lots of Dungeon furniture (hand built by Red Cheeks Toys), new lighting, thumping sound system, and you will find more dungeon furniture located around the Club.
The resident DJ Myke Jonez, will be there, spinning awesome beats for the dungeon play scenes
There are also, properly installed Hard Points in a couple of areas in the Club for Rope Suspensions.

Our resident Cook serves up Hot Entrees, accompanied by Fruit and Veg platters, dessert trays, cheese & crackers etc ~ All complimentary and replenished throughout the night

There are Hot Tubs and Showers with Club provided Towels
Private Rooms are available for your personal endeavors (Sheets provided and refreshed in the rooms)
Couples Area is exclusive to couples only and strictly monitored for everyone’s comfort
Group areas for less private, multi-partner fun
This party runs from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am, that’s 7 hours for you to enjoy yourself in so many ways!!!

FREE Pre-Memorial Day Party Meet & Greet @ The Velvet Rope
May 26 @ 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm

Singles and couples are invited to get a glimpse of the atmosphere in a quieter setting before the club opens. This is a free event with a no-host bar.

Newbies and members alike enjoy the chance to connect with new friends and share a drink before the party starts at 9PM. Tell your friends to meet you there!

Guests are invited to meet like-minded new friends in our Upstairs Lounge. Our lounge area has cozy booths for chatting and each table has a special set of conversation starters to break the ice!

Our host will help break the ice with mixers and more. This Meet & Greet will signal the start of our Summer Kick-off Event. Guests are invited to attend the night’s party with member door pricing goes into effect at 9 PM. TVR will close briefly at 8:30 PM to allow those who do not wish to stay for the evening time to depart.

Non-Member Summer Kick-Off: RoseCity Gangbang @ The Velvet Rope
May 26 @ 9:00 pm – May 27 @ 2:00 am
Non-Member Summer Kick-Off: RoseCity Gangbang @ The Velvet Rope

Join all of your sexy friends for the best Summer Kick-off EVER~

Our RoseCity Gangbang is the longest running event of it’s kind in Portland, and its time to break our current record! The Summer of 2019 is going to be epic and you do not want to miss starting the Summer with a BANG!

This Non-Member event is a fun evening to bring a friend or three! All 10,000 square feet of play space will be open to enjoy.

Our buffet will be transformed into an amazing tribute to Summer and the drink specials at the bar include tropical cocktails!

Rain or shine the heat will be at The Velvet Rope! Make the most of having Monday off from work with this Summer Kick-oof.

No membership required

Member pricing:

$20 Couples

$Free Female

$35 Single Male

Non-Member Pricing:

$30 Couples

$Free Single female

$50 Single male


The Rose City Gang Bang is a monthly celebration of sexual energy.

**Please Note – Any gang bang activities depend on the ladies who come in tonight. It is their choice and under their control***

Twisted Thursdays @ The Velvet Rope
May 30 @ 9:00 pm – May 31 @ 2:00 am
Twisted Thursdays @ The Velvet Rope

Miss playing Twister? What if we kicked it up a notch and got NAKED!

Join TVR for the Twisted Naked Twister in this fun and sometimes naughty game.

Other games available as ice-breakers include the Truth OR Dare Style game of Jenga and The Game of Lifestyle.

Are you up for a challenge?

Membership required

Members Door Fee
$20 Couples 
$Free Single Female
$25 Single Male

Pan-Demonium Hosted By Nikki Lev @ The Velvet Rope
May 31 @ 9:00 pm
Pan-Demonium Hosted By Nikki Lev @ The Velvet Rope

Join us Friday, May 31st for Pan-Demonium.


Door fee $20 per person until 10 PM.

At 10 PM, membership ir required and the Member Door Fees are:

Single Ladies $20

Couples $45

Single Men $65.

Pan-Demonium: Our Heat Shall Bring the Summer!

Join us Friday, May 31st for Pan-Demonium: Our Heat Shall Bring the Summer. NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED AND $20 FOR ALL TO ENTER FROM 9 PM TO 10 PM!

Enjoy the hottest Genderqueer, LGBTQ, Pansexual and Ally Private Party in PDX at The Velvet Rope! See amazing performers! Play the night away!

The Velvet Rope is back to 9 PM opening, and for the first hour of Pan-Demonium you need no membership to enter the club! The basic door fee is $20 per person for that hour before gendered pricing starts. Show starts at 10 PM. Velvet Rope is open for dancing and play til 4 AM! ARRIVE BEFORE 10 FOR $20 per person and no membership required!


The Disney Villaness of PDX Valerie DeVille!
The bootylicious queen Chanel!
The Bellydance Magician Mis Monsta / The Lady Monsta!
The sexy and mindblowing yoga stripper Iris!


The sexy doll come to life, Doki!

Hosted By the strip tease rock star with a giant booty, Nikki Lev!

Your DJ for the evening is the killer DJ’Myke Jones!
Your babely bartender is Lincoln Burton!
Your Tip Tart/Stage Kitten is Harley Appropriate!

Tip your performers, DJ and bartenders!

Want to perform at this or future Pandemonium shows?? Hit up Nikki!

See you at Pan-Demonium PDX!

Glow With It: Swingles Mixer Hosted By Quiver @ The Velvet Rope
Jun 1 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 2 @ 4:00 am
Glow With It: Swingles Mixer Hosted By Quiver @ The Velvet Rope

Wanna skip the foreplay? Tired of trying to figure out what everyone else is looking for? Let’s just “Glow With It” and let Quiver help! is the hottest female-centric lifestyle dating site on the market, and they are in Portland. Join our sexy Quiver team in a night of fun connecting and mingling with like-minded swingles.

We have made connecting with others even easier at this glow party. On your way in the door, grab a bracelet or several that glows with a color code based on what you are looking for. As the party starts keep an eye out for which color you are hoping to connect with.

Imagine a sea of neon fun that tells you just the right person or people to approach. Have fun on your search of those glow signals.  Here is how they work:

Pink = couples, poly or singles looking for ladies

Blue = couples, poly or singles looking for gents

Yellow = couples looking for couples

Green = couples, poly or singles open

The team from Quiver will be doing some sexy prizes and swag drawings for those who wish to join Quiver.

Membership Required

Member Pricing:

Ladies $5

Couples $50

Single Men $70

Fresh Meat & Greet Non-Member Event @ The Velvet Rope
Jun 2 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 3 @ 2:00 am
Fresh Meat & Greet Non-Member Event @ The Velvet Rope

Because there is always room for a fresh face at the party, tonight we invite members and long-time friends to show a first-time visitor the Rope(s).

There are so many great reasons to love the community of like-minded friends and the club we enjoy. Non-Member Sundays have no membership requirements, so why not ask a friend or THREE to meet you here?

Make sure you tell them all about the fun to be had…and we even have cookies! Oh and the hot tubs, they don’t see that coming!

Guests and members alike will enjoy all the “Fresh Meat” 😉

No Membership required

Member Pricing:
$20 Couples
$Free Single Ladies 
$20 Single Males

Non-Member Pricing:
$30 Couples
$5 Single female 
$30 Single male

Free Tour Thursdays @ The Velvet Rope
Jun 6 @ 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Free Tour Thursdays @ The Velvet Rope

The Velvet Rope opens it’s doors each Thursday for “Behind the Scenes” tours.

Guests are invited to tour our facility and witness our amenities first-hand.

Each tour takes place before the club opens in a quieter atmosphere with time for questions. This tour is great for those who have not been to the club for a bit since we have made many recent upgrades. It is also a chance for members to bring non-members for their first glimpse inside the club.

Members, non-members and first time visitors welcome. Tours are limited to those who are at least 21 years of age.

Thick Azz Thursday @ The Velvet Rope
Jun 6 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 7 @ 2:00 am
Thick Azz Thursday @ The Velvet Rope

It’s time to celebrate our love of curves at Thick Azz Thursday at TVR.

Dress to Impress, and SEDUCE!

The first floor dance club will be filled with club music for dancing…take the stage and show us what you got! YOU are the star of tonight! Listen for all those curvy girl anthems like “Fat Bottom Girls”, “Baby Got Back” and “All About the Bass.”

Gentlemen…this is the night to appreciate all those curves. Enjoy mingling with curvy plus-sized ladies in the Upstairs Lounge. All 10,000 square feet will be open for this playful event!

Membership Door Fees:

Single Female- Free
Single Male- $25
Couple- $20

Curvaceous:  cur·va·ceous  kərˈvāSHəs/
adjective: (especially of a woman or a woman’s figure) having an attractively curved shape.
synonyms:  shapely, voluptuous, sexy, full-figured, buxom, full-bosomed, bosomy, Junoesque;
informal: curvy, well endowed, pneumatic, busty, built, stacked

So many great words to define all the lovely ladies!!

Rose City Welcome Party @ The Velvet Rope
Jun 7 @ 9:00 pm – Jun 8 @ 4:00 am
Rose City Welcome Party @ The Velvet Rope

Visiting for Rose Festival?  Club members hosting out of town guest? Fleet in town for some well-deserved R & R?

Join The Velvet Rope is welcoming our members, out of town guests and service members for a night of nothing short of Portland hospitality. Enjoy all the perks of spending a sexy evening with the staff of Portland’s Longest Running Swingers Club.

Everyone is welcome, with 10,000 square feet of space there is plenty to see, do and share. After a night of adventure enjoy a soak in one of TWO HOT TUBS. We are open until 4 AM for a fun after-party stop as well!

Where ever your evening starts…it should end here 😉

***For those traveling to area for Fleet, Week Please inquire at the door about special pricing***

Membership Required

Members Door Fees:

Single Ladies $5

Couples $45

Single Men $65