TVR COVID Protocol

In order to protect the staff, members, and volunteers of TVR we will be postponing all events until Friday, 11/27.

To keep our guests safe, TVR will be operating under the following COVID protocols:

 ***If you or a household member have COVID symptoms, are high risk or have been in contact with an infected person in the last 2 weeks, please do not come into the club*** 

*Due to capacity limitations, this party will be capped at 100 guests. 

*The club has updated air filtration systems in place for fresh air intake 

*Temperature checks at the door for all guests, volunteers, and staff. 

* Before entry, everyone will be asked to sign a COVID-19 waiver and attest to the fact they are not currently sick or have not been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

 *Masks will be required during your visit unless you are seated to eat or drink. When traveling within the club, everyone must wear a mask at all times. A mask is defined as a covering that shields both the nose and mouth. 

* To follow OLCC guidelines, we will be carding guests 100% at the door. This will be the only time in the evening guests will be asked to remove their masks briefly. Each guest must present a valid photo ID.

*New sanitation stations throughout the club for guests to use 

 *All of the high traffic areas will be sanitized throughout the night. 

*Social distancing guidelines will be followed throughout the evening. We have created new spaces within the club where groups can safely interact with these guidelines.  

*Bar and food areas will be marked with social distancing guides. The upstairs lounge now includes table service to encourage social distancing from the bar.

*The Smoke Deck will be limited capacity to allow for social distancing. 

*Groups may use play spaces and enjoy new voyeur options. A group wishing to use a private room should wait for the room to be fully sanitized and prepared for use. 

*Spaces like restrooms and showers will be limited use. Please follow social distancing guides within the club while waiting for use. 

*All guests will be expected to adhere to both the mask and social distancing mandates strictly. Guests may be asked to leave if this becomes an issue. We will not be offering any refunds.

11 thoughts on “TVR COVID Protocol”

    1. If you enter a private room and shut the door yes you can then remove your mask since you are in an enclosed space.

  1. Just was wondering if Matt and Alexis are still the owners? I was a member years ago. My niece Annette and I used to come in quite a bit. Aloha from Seaside…🤙😎😇

  2. Different commends leadidigng to confusion. Is VR open the next kink night? And what is cost for old members to enter as a couple?

  3. This sounds obvious but I want to clarify. Ifs group play allowed only among those who come in together as a group?

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